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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

i feel like ranting about some dude i used to be friends with. Andy Weiss.

andy, or the weissman, or whatever he liked to be called is a total dick. and the fact that i let this moocher/manipulator be my friend for so long really shows everyone how much of a sucker i used to be.

i moved to manhattan beach in 6th grade from hollywood. and on my first day of school, i found out that they did things differently at my new school compared to my old school, and all my peers were gonna talk shit all whilst i tried to adapt. for example, i had a lunch box instead of a brown paper bag to carry my lunch in, cuz at my hollywood school, you were only cool if you had a lunch box. so here comes andy weiss. he decided the only way i was gonna learn what's cool was to kick my lunch box across the school yard as often as possible, and talk mad shit about me as i went to go fetch it.

so yah, it was kinda weird that him and i became friends. and really, it was because of turbo graffix 16. we both were the only two kids that had that particular system, and our friendship was born.

over the course of our friendship, andy pulled all kinds of crap, most of the shit i didn't even see until years later looking back and reflecting on it all. like if there was anything you had that was nicer, better, or newer than what andy had, he'd shoot your shit down. or even worse was if you had something that andy didn't have yet.

so i'm sure it drove him crazy that i had so many things before him:
1. a job
2. a drivers license
3. a car
4. a girlfriend
5. getting laid
6. moving out into my own place
ect. ect. ect.

in the end, i had to write andy off cuz he owed me $100, and everytime i asked him to pay me any or all of what he owed me, he'd ask, "why what do you NEED IT need it for?"

pfff, i neeed it cuz it's my fucking money.

anyways, the cool part is that andy is almost 26 years old, and STILL LIVES WITH HIS MOMMY!!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHA...

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