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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

i am so bummed i have to go out of town this weekend. HELL CENTRO AGAIN

now i've been there and i'm not even stressed like i was this time last week. i know where everything is and what everything looks like, ect ect.

AND last week i dug into the underground signwalker network that exists in every town. it's really signwalker specific, it's just... there's a type of person who signwalks, bottom line. and anyways, i got the chains all rattled and i'll have lotsa guys ready to go. and i know where they all live (under a blu tarp by the rail road tracks, and the roberta motel), if they don't show up when they said they would i'll hunt them down.

my plan is to go budge-style on the hotel this time. i'm not gonna slum it as hard as that hotel me and kenneth saw for $16.98 a night, maybe i'll bust out the best western. it didn't look so skeezy.

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