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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

ever been to el centro california? neither have i.

but that will change this weekend when i truck my ass out there to completely take the town over with my sleazy little plastic signs. cuz that's what i do best.

Mr. Cowan signed up for the trip (no pun intended). he said he needed a gettaway, and we's tight, so he's gonna come and share the hotel cost, and wander the streets of el centro aimlessly taking pictures and being a general town-nuisance while i job the signs.

we intend on doing more of the same when i'm available to kick it at night. i betcha you'll be able to find us at THE town bar.

anyways it's only till sunday night, and now that i got a hang out partner for after werk, i'm totally stoked. also i give up on getting fuckall for my birthday, and im just gonna go and get myself my damned skateboard.

yah so, the to do list for tomorrow... Get pay check, Cash Pay check, Buy new skate board, Cream my panties. in that order.

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