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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

big tanky is my bestest friend, and today is dedicated to her.

i can't believe she still puts up with me and my lame never ending cycle of drama, but i'm grateful to no end.

i hate when something i'm writing like this starts to sound like i'm signing a year book or some shit, man.

she's so much cooler than you could hope to be. smarter (she actually reads the news paper, who fucking does THAT anymore man??), tuffer (she's beaten up more dudes than chicks), more compact (she's only like 5'2 or some shit), and more pleasnat to be around than a car air freshener.

in fact, even if i hated her, and i wanted to talk shit, the only way i could pull it off would be if i lied my ass off... cuz the truth is, there is nobody who i think higher of, cept maybe my mom.

so cheers tankoholic, im pouring out some of my 40 for ya, i suggest anyone that reads this do the same.

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