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Thursday, April 29, 2004

me and raymi got caught together naked in her bedroom, in bed, me on top of her.... by her boyfriend at the time, who proceeded to trash the place while raymi and i had to run out the doors of the house, in fear. oddly enough a guy who's name was fear (and tim) came to act as bodyguards before we just decided to get a hotel room together in downtown toronto.

interesting, eh?

life sucks and noone wants to be the bad guy, but we all are evil in the end. and you're the bad guy just as much as they are. they screwed you over, but you're fucking with them too. that guy that me and raymi stabbed in the back was an asshole supreme. he was mean to raymi, and deserved every bit of what he got. there's people from raymi's hometown who want to beat his ass to this day.

so was fighting evil with evil ok then? is it ok now? does it ever make anything feel any better?


i have never done anything with the motive of hurting someone. and the people that love me never meant to hurt me. they wanted to spare me pain, they lied for what they thought was my best intrests. and i did the same.

there are special bonds though that run deeper than shit like that. six years up in here. recognize. i will know you forever.

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