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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Monday, April 26, 2004

i love how bad my farmer's tan has gotten.

so now i got a whole day off. fucking A. it feels unreal. i plan on smoking the weed whitey and i had left over from being crazy in the a z, and then....
::pregnant pause::

whitey's already driving back up to santa cruz. he's prolly somehwere between pismo beach and santa barbara by now. whitey's the man.

he uses a blanket as a suitcase, he's alergic to his own sweat, and smokes more weed than i do. but fewer cigarettes.

i might get payed enough from this last arizona trip to wipe out my debt in one big blast off. FUCKING UN REAL. or i might just buy a million useless things like comic books, baseballs cards, and video games... cuz that's just the kinda irresponsible asshole i am!


dave started some sorta website thing. he must not know how lame having a website is.

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