Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

surprise anti, you're working.

i had a job, it got cancelled, and then i get work randomly for today and tomrrow. i'll be up and at em from 6am-6pm, and baby i'm loving it.

this is the position i spent most of thurday night in, because of my probblem-laden back. something popped in my shoulder blade area, while i was shaking the water off my head after a shower, and now it's vicoden shitty. i mean vicoden city. woop dee doo, i "get" to eat pills that make me nauseas.

props to you pill poppers. it's the same with drinking for me. pills and booze make me wanna puke/kill myself. i go into the bathroom with a terrible feeling, i try to poo, i can't... i try to barf, i can't ... i take off my shirt cuz i'm in a cold sweat, and i say to myself, "was it the grilled steak burrito from taco bell? wazzzzzz it the vicoden i ate before i got in the car? or am i just such an unhealthy mess thast my body just wants to fuck with me and send signals? wait, am i high and paranoid? AKLJSDAKLSJ!!!!"

well, hopefully i'll be in less pain, and feeling way less sick whilst working. i'll have lloyd as my helper, but whatever...

at least i'm getting paid.

oh and i am fully dressed for once during a blog post. even got my kicks on still. word.

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