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Thursday, March 04, 2004

so a friend on the low carb diet gave me all the carbs in the world. except im totally useless when it comes to food that doesn't come out of a drive through window. pictured is some kinda scalloped potatoes.

i think i should save up for a microwave, or maybe a toaster-oven. or at least a fuckin normal toaster so i can eat fucking pop tarts.

and know what? bottled water it totally all marketing. i once heard (it could be total bullshit, but i still heard it) that tap water has more rigorous filtering and cleaning processes than products like dasani or whatever. the over priced bottle having a palm tree painted on it and the plastic being tinted blue doesn't make it any fancier than the crap that comes out the sink.

are you the same morons that pump the super premium gas into your honda accord? to me that makes as much sense as carbom paper in a xerox machine.

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