Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Thursday, March 04, 2004

it's good that people are scared of me. i wish there was more of them.

the thing is, i don't have a short fuse... i am the epitome of patience and tolerance. i can take a lot of shit before i explode on you.
although again, the thing is, i have a lot of TNT once the fuse does burn out... so basically my advice is that yes you can be stupid, just don't be stupid in front of me long enough to piss me off.

plotting revenge is fun, and sabotage goes great with milk and cookies. and i'm cold and calculated and laying in wait for you to have me and my crazy ass be the furthest things from your mind so i can pounce and bite deep with my fangs and rip out your still beating heart so i can pawn it on the black market for organs of that nature. and you? you'll be the unsuspecting victim with a jaw dropped look of "wtf?" as the foundation of your reality comes busting apart at the bolts, like a submarine that's gone too deep and is now gonna turn into a tiny little ball of metal.

ya dig me?

at any rate. it's a loverly day today. i think i'm gonna go skip through a field of daisies now.

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