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Thursday, March 18, 2004

drunk juror

see? this is why i think that having everyday normal people be jurors is idiotic. cuz in the end, noone wants to be a juror anyways.

i'm lucky enough to never have been summonced, but if i was i'd crumple that shit up and throw it away, because how could they PROVE i got the mail anyways? they didn't send that shit certified...

but if i DID feel inclined enough to actually go in and go thru the ropes... i'd say all the wrong shit that makes tham not want your ass as a juror.

"i have family in jail"
"i have no faith in the legal system"
"i hate cops, and i hate the government"

not only will they throw your ass of there faster thanna bat outta hell, they'll take you off the mailing list.

or they should pay more... then i'd totally do it. i'd even be sober.

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