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Friday, March 05, 2004

being able to hire total strangers off the street to preform a humiliating task for a small amount of pay...
now THAT is my specialty. my cousin is better at it, cuz he's the pro, but when it's my turn to shine... i come through full force making the family name proud.

today i needed two sign walkers to complete my crew. so i walked to the bus stop i was parked next to, and asked the fat black dude, "hey bro, know anyone lookin for work?"
and he was down for it, and actually so was this hispanic hair dresser motherfucker that over heard me ask. so the black dude was dante, and the hispanic was named jonathan.

so like, i raced to work early cuz usually finding people is a pain in the ass, it almost always is a pain in the ass. i've had to ask every fucking homeless person in bakersfield once. even the ZZ Top looking motherfuckers were "too busy"... but whenever it's clutch time, i can make YOU sign walk, wether you want to or not. yes, i'm that good.

then i spent the rest of the day smoking pot and sticking stickers and playing gameboy.

now tonight i'm gonna drench my brain in toxins.

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