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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

and then i got high, and then i got high, and then i got high.

i hate when the guy who sells it to you asks for a rip. damn yo, you the one making mad cheese off the deal. why you gotta be a begger like that? but fuck it, cuz homie scored me a new skate video, "crouching filmer, hidden poacher" and it's really fucking tight.

i almost stole a skate board yesterday but didn't do so, cuz i'm starting to buy into this karmic justice thing.

what's radder than instant karma, btw? nothing!

like when you boss cusses you out and then spills coffee hotter than molten lava in his lap.


i want all my family and loved ones to chip in and buy me a skateboard for my birthday in june. and i'm not gonna drop hints... i'm gonna make demands.

i'd buy one myself, but i'm still chipping away at le debt, and i'm cheeeap as fuck to boot.

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