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Monday, February 16, 2004

wanna know what i used to be the most insecure about ever? the moles on my face.

i believed deep down in my heart that they made me ugly, and in between 6th and 7th grade i got a bunch removed. the one i had always hated the most was the one on my chin. and in fact, that was one of the moles that grew BACK. those little fuckers.

so yah, i go back to school, and i totally had my story straight on where the moles went, cuz i was SO SURE that everyone was gonna notice and have their 2 cents to chime in with.

but nobody noticed.

and i proved to myself then and there that everyone is as self centered as i am, and completely oblivious to anyone else.

i think that is the weirdest part of insecurities like that. who the FUCK do you think you are? you assume everyone gives a shit about YOU? isn't that a little arrogant to assume shit like that?

it's like how lotsa chicks think that it's bad to be mean cuz they might hurt someone's feelings.
good fucking luck. and who told you people give two shits about what you say? cuz i'm betting they don't.

and now that this post has turned into tangent city, why is being honest often described as being mean? like let's say you have me over to dinner at your mom's house, and the food sucks, i think telling your mom, "mmm mmm that was num num" really just perpetuates the bad food.

maybe if i told her, "hey lady, learn to fucking cook..." she really would listen, and maybe try and work on that shit. i'm not being a meanie... jeeeze.

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