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Saturday, February 14, 2004

there's this old retired fucker who wants to make my job harder.

he drives around apparantly in a hummer and when he sees my signs in the ground feels inclined to go pluck them out, and hide them behind a bush or some shit. GOD FUCKING DAMN I HATE THE ELDERLY!!!!

so yah... it was kinda weird at first, because when isaw my signs in a big pile on the ground, i knew it was sabatoge... i just didn't know who was fucking with me.
i knew it wasn't a competing sign company, cuz when sign guys attack eachother, we don't just pluck the sign... we whip out box cutters and turn the shit into confetti. and the city zoning assholes would just take the sign, and trash it.

whatever fuck them all. i have been hammering my signs as deep as they can go... i wish i had a camera set up to catch his ass touching my sign. if it was my boss... the guy would be in a hospital already.

cuz it's valentines day, and i'm sure the world wants an update.
see the rad thing about actually being me is that not only do all other guys want to be me, but all the ladies love me. sometimes it's a good thing, most of the time it's bad. but this weekend? it's completely meaningless as i sit in my hotel room and watch HBO alone and bored. i ate a french toast slam at denny's this morning, sitting in the smoking section, and watched as the waitresses hang up the valentines day decorations.

grandma take me home.

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