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Thursday, January 01, 2004

new years sucked donkey dick, but that's the bright side to my story.

this guy i know named oscar is dating this psycho hose beast, who is surely a great lay as all psycho chicks are, but man i was embarassed FOR him, and so were all the other people at the house i was at.

it wasn't even big enough to call a party. there was like 10 people there tops. but this chick oscar brought... she was totally out of her mind.

she comes up to me and says, "what's your sign?" and i proudly announce that imma gemini...

well somehow she saw that as a sign to go ahead and tell me she's from south africa, and that charlize theron is from her same home town, and then went into painfully tedious detail about charlize theron's upbringing.

so i feel bad because oscar is trying to pull her away from the one inch from my ear stance she had, and she was bellowing out brittish-accent-ish having nonesense so loud that my brain shook and sounded like a rattle snake's tail. people started taking pictures. it was that bizzare.

some of my down as fuck homegirls like bigtanky and lil P tried to organize a "girlie photo op" to resuce me from the nutjob. and it worked for all of three seconds. but, as though driven by magnetic force, the psycho... and oscar's date no less, came straight back towards me.

i eventually managed some lame "i gotta piss" or whatever type excuse... and then spent every waking second outside in the cold smoking cigarettes, and waited for big tanky and hewhocannotbenamed to get back into my truck so we could get back home.

and i feel bad for this mixed up white girl from south africa, who felt she could use the N word so liberally. i felt bad that she was the butt of the joke the whole night and was too oblivious to see it. i felt bad oscar was associated with her... he seemed to hate her. and i felt bad that i find it so ammusing and that i was saying the craziest shit back to her, like when she told me i was gonna die old, alone and miserable, i replied, "good, at least one thing i learned from my pops is... divorce makes you poor. so i'll be alone and old and miserable, but then i'll hop in my fucking porsche and speed away, and i'll feel like a million bucks, cuz i'll fucking HAVE a million bucks."

but oh well, even oscar hi fived me. i guess he should feel bad. and i should feel annoyed. ok nevermind. problem solved.

oh and whitey just called and says rep him on the blog cuz he's got nowhere to live in santa cruz anymore, but he doesn't fucking care, because as he put it, "wooooooooooooo, homie"

and pigeon john is a genius.
meetings with my passionate friends over record contracts
wanna be so young again wish to take it all back
you sweaty little nikkis rapping over bomb tracks
and then get hungry so we all go taco bell raps
but now all we do is work to the bone
getting kinda older now it's showing
bills to be paid and still don't own
flat broke still got a cell phone
sleeping on a couch don't gotta home
wanna be a rap star sitting on chrome
but i know in time things are gonna change
and re-arranged, and i'm gonna show 'em
been through this (been through this) long before (long Before)
sitting knocking waiting at the same old door
but i gotta go ain't waiting no more
if the door ain't open break through the window
don't think it greed gonna take it all
when the kingdom come they'll sing this song

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