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Thursday, January 08, 2004


i'm hot shit,
you get me?

i'm a fireball not to be fucked with, or better yet, a shooting star,
do you follow?

i have dreams that i'm gonna reach, and a plan so simple that it makes people mad. they say, "how can it be that easy?" and when they see that it could be that easy for them too if they just knew how to be happy, they get mad,
are you picking up what i'm layin down?

i'm sure the point in life is to be happy. and yeah i'll play the rat race game if i have to, so i can keep the comforts i have in my life.
*roof over my head
*food in my stomach
*porn in my VCR
but i'm a minimalist. and all i want is zero debt, and to be doing what i love every second i can. and no. you people have no idea what i love to do is. only people i have specifically told one on one "this is my dream" know what it is.

so here's the deal. i've talked with people who are living my dream, and asked them all how i get going with it, and they all told me the same things to do, so now i gotta do them, and get on with it.

no i never went to college. no i never tried very hard thus far in life. but my half assing everything was enough to not be homeless. yes i am starving... but man, when i turn on the juice, it's gonna be filed under straight up "inspirational",
ya dig me?

sometimes the things that give you butterflies in your stomach are the things you know you need to do the most.
can i get a "whoaaaaaaa, BUNDY" ??

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