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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

i don't know what to tell you anymore.

why me, why me. why's it always gotta be me.

sometimes i'm so good at articulating my feelings. and i can say the same sentence a hundred different ways to circumvent potential misunderstanding. i think i hate being misunderstood.

sometimes it can be more sickening than trista and ryan.

or i ask a million questions. obsessivley.
like you could say, "i feel funny..."
and i'll go, "funny how? like, do you feel sick? are you uncomfortable? are things awkward?"

and chances are, i made you feel funnier. the funniest.
and not a good funny.

i'm such a stickler for mutual understanding, that i lose focus on what we're even talking about. i've always done it. personality flaw, i spose.

i'm trying to break it down to basics these days. taking it to brass tacks. a wise man once said, "keep it simple, stupid."

life is supposed to be fun, let's not forget that.

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