Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

so there i am drinking down tapwater off the faucet, my eyes closed, and my mind racing.

back and forth, pacing pacing.

boners from loners and some juicy tastey pussy.

can i getta drool up in this bitch? can i?

thinking while drinking, and smokin followed by chokin, i'm a valuable token who reacts to eye contact. i'm hunting stablilty, it's under attack.

but the fact...
is that no matter what i do, or what i say, or who i who, or what the hay, i'm trying to...
...i want the day (and you know this)

i ain't rich, or your bitch, and i'm known to switch, it up with a twitch, or a touch

and all while rocking my lucky yellow sweatshirt that i wear proud and loud. it's my sacred shroud. another line could just read
mr. boud (fuck it, it rhymed)

make sense of this if you can, and i know you can, it's code. but the lines shout it out, clear and super clean. my mind is still racing, it's a micro machine.

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