Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Thursday, November 06, 2003

my lucky broke ass got a job this weekend!!! a SIGNNNNNN job.

yes i will be terrorizing bakersfield promoting who-fucking-cares, and finally getting a decent scoop of cashola.

but bakersfield is far, and it's boring out there, and two hours away, and oh well i'd practically spit shine your shoes with my tounge for a nickel at this point so any dosage of income if like, "thank you gods, every last one of ya's!"

but my cell is jacked up with a bill so astronomincally high i'm actually embarrassed to admit it. it's off. for now. i'll check my email as often as possible... for the people who may need to reach me, you all know who you are.

bottoms up, and cheers to flippin gthe script to all the non-believers. fuck alllll yall.

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