Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Monday, November 24, 2003

i hadn't been home since last wednesday

my car, and random couches across southern california can't hold a candle to my real bed.

i'm coming down with a severe case of narcolepsy. i spend every other hour of the day asleep. and i'm losing my mind.

and my favorite radio talk show is on vacation this week. i hate "best of" editions.

i'm thinking about getting an amazon wishlist thingy. wanna buy me a present? but i would only ask for cool shit, like lighters, ashtrays, and pornos.

jenny is gonna wash all my clothes for me. isn't she a sweetheart? i told her how i was gonna burn all my clothes and start over from scratch, and i guess she thought she'd hook it up for me. wanna know the last time i had clean clothes? if i could remember, i'd tell you. one thing you can bank on though is that i'll be all shits and giggles fo sho when i actually have on socks with my shoes. a dream come true.

oh and don't diss my lucky yellow sweatshirt... yellow is the coolest color ever. i love it so much, i just might marry yellow. nahhhhhhhmean?

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