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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

so big tanky wants to use the coinstar at ralphs, and is too chicken to cross the picket lines alone, so i get dragged along for back up.

i guess they don't have coinstar at trader joe's.

it wasn't so bad though. they barely noticed us. and plus we didn't even buy anything. except, i made big tanky buy me one of these.

i missed the season finale of the newlyweds.

today i woke up feeling shitty and turned down a job offer to go to ari-fuckin-zona this weekend. and realized WHY i'm so poor now. i used to work like a fucking idiot.

like... i did the sign job, AND i was an appraiser, AND i always did more work than i could handle, AND i was always stressed out and wanted to kill myself. but i pulled it off, all seven damn days of the week. sleep, rest, and relaxation took back seat.

so i guess i need to swallow my pride and go fetch up some part time joke of a job.

guess i got too used to lounging in my underwear smoking weed all day and watching Judge Joe Brown or some other vapid show.

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