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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

shyness is nice, but shyness will stop you from doing all the things in life you want to.

damn Tony... i back that.

and on that note, i decided today, or sorta like... RIGHT NOW, that imma change everything in my life i don't like. and i know i have all the answers.

except... i'm not really shy...
not really.

i'm lazy
or stoned maybe

that's it, i guess, man... *i* need to lay off the pipe. cuz shit, then i'd still have that 25 bucks i spent on a half an eighth tonight. (1.7 grams).

and i could cruise up the street to del taco, or like even fucking 7-11...

i was always glad i did my grocery shopping there, and now with this strike thing, you're doing it too. because like, who wants to cross those picket lines? you know those people are pissed at you and you're like, "shuuuuuuuutup, motherfucker"

well maybe not you man... but you know how i roll...

DUDE, david bowie is on that carson daily show that comes on after conan, and he looks fucking SCARY.

not like micheal jackson scary, so umm... let's settle for creepy. but in a george michael kinda way.

ugh... i'm too hungry to stay on track. i made sure to have cigarettes and pot, and well, maybe i need to prioratize a little better.

a half an hour ago i used a fork to scoop out peanut butter and then dip it in my jar of smuckers jelly, and have a good old breadless PB & J. it's not the same. but it might be my new favorite food.

oh and i wanted to tell you a cubs story i had... check it out:
my dad and whole family, were from chicago, and duh.. are diehard cubs fans. and i was too, through genetics. but i liked the dodgers too cuz fuck man... YOU guys are from chicago. i was born in hollywood.

but then there was this chance for the cubs... they were getting CLOSE,(i have no idea what year it was) so my dad bought me and him tickets to watch them play the san francisco giants, at candle stick park. we had awesome seats too...

and we were wearing our cubs hats, and chearing for them the whole time like we were out our minds. and AND...
the cubbies lost.

ohhhh man that was a long walk back to the rented car. and a long drive back to the airport (we only flew in that day for the game) and umm...

i dunno.

that's it.

i'm stoned and like when i get bored of something it pains me to continue... especially when i'm stoned.

so later on, dude.

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