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Tuesday, July 29, 2003

this is the vincent thomas bridge. they filmed charlies angel's here and like umm....

gone in 60 seconds, and like, other shit prolly too...

BUT my point is. well i have no point. i just drive on the same bridge and like "whoop-tee-frigggin-doo" man. noone cares. not even me.

and like the worst part of this shitty bridge is that it's almost always got a million big ass 18-wheelers all over it, and one end of the bridge is in san fucking pedro, and one end is on terminal island.

terminal island always reminded me of the name of a place that should have a prison on it. like rikers island. then maybe it'd be coolio. i hate the Los Angeles harbor area. but then again, i hate everything.

and i'm finding it hard not to get busted picking my nose while i drive. it's my favorite thing to do while i drive besides smoke cigarettes or bite my nails. can't people mind their own friggin business, like what... i'm not supposed to do as i please in the "land of the free"? they better just be glad that i'm not flicking that shit on their car, and like, sometimes, they should be mad that i DID. die yuppy scum.

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