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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Thursday, July 31, 2003

string cheese is my favorite food. i like all food that's easy. but i never tried go-gurt. i'd rather eat a rice krispy treat anyways.

i don't eat the string cheese all stringed out, and that bothers people i know for some reason. i eat it like you'd eat a banana, or snickers bar.
fascinating, isn't it?

i think reggae should be spelled raygay. and sometimes, if i've been walking around too much, i get jealous of the handicapped people i see in whell chairs. because i'm so fucking lazy, i can barely handle ordering myself a pizza. i mean... the phones way over THERE anyways... what am i? a marathon runner?!

will someone please call 310-546-5833 and order me this pizza, and charge it to their credit card? email me for my address

until then... i'm gonna sit here and be disturbed of how short my hair got cut, and watch it grow...

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