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Friday, July 25, 2003

so man. my arm is feeling shitloads better, almost normal. and things are looking up except that i have bad luck like a curse of death over my head.

like today... i go to the bank to handle my shit, and the older-than-dust lady who has been my teller since forever needs my id. that's when i realized that 1. she has lost her mind. and 2. my ID is so totally lost.

so i go thru hell, rattle sleeping people awake out of their comas to search their couch cusions, and other people to pick up everything off their floor, all to no avail. this shit was really fucking lost. like forever lost.

so in a last ditch effort i try the random gas station i bought parliment lights at (buy one get one free), i found it. they had everything too, cuz i keep my wallet in a tiny little plastic business card holder thing, and cash just gets crumpled into balls all over my pockets. they had my Social Security card, my credit card, my AAA card, even my godamned costco card.

so great, right? i can show that idiot teller at the bank how retarded she is, right? well, i didn't even get the old-sea-hag, i got the overweight darkhaired one. and yap, lucky me. the computers "magically" shut down, and all operation ceases. like my bad luck even has a magnetic field in case i come close to getting anything done. like, "oooh shit, he's about to pull it off!" and pow. my whole day wasted.


how i went to get a haircut today, and the chick totally ignored everything i told her. she's all, "do you wanna shampoo...?" i tell her no. so she leads me to the shampoo hair sink-things, i let her wash my hair, like... what's it really matter? then i told her what i wanted... "please just clean it up slightly, but don't make it all short, and don't cut the top at ALL" so she starts cutting the top first. and cut it all short. and cleaned it up, yeah, i guesss...... but more like butchered me to death.

so i did manage to get one thing done. make sure by the end of the day i looked as much like a retard as i felt.

i'm not even gonna talk about the computer issues. dail up on someone's ancient monster-pile-of-dog-puke-computer, nuff said? i can take a shower, a crap, and a cup of joe (not in that order) before anything loads at all. so it sucks when i use up all my little kill time tasks. i can only take SOOOOO many showers/craps/coffees before i go bonk my head against walls with delirium.

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