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Sunday, July 13, 2003

dr. phil says, "people who get bored are boring..."

well dr. phil can doctor-fuck-himself. and so can anyone who has quoted that bald lonely hillbillie to my face. that human knows who they are. nuff said on that.

if i was just some person that knew me, i'd totally look up to me. i'm it. i can do everything, and do it better than everyone else. effortlessly.

like the data entry job i had outta highschool. i didn't even know how to type when i got that job. then i got so fast, and had such good audits that they recruited me from the swing shift to the awesome as hell day shift, and labled me the fastest hands in the west. but got paid less than co-workers who sssssucked, because, according to management, "they'd been there longer" Bullshit!

or when i was at the charthouse restaraunt, and i was too good at expo, so they promoted OTHER people to server because they NEEDED me to be the expo guy. if it wasn't me as expo they'd be fucked. (i strategically planned my resigning from that place the same day the other main expo guy went on vacation, HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA.... sweet sweet revenge....)

or in my appraisal office where everyone had to come to ME for the answers they needed because only i would know. even trainees that had been there 5 times as long as me would ask for MY help and advice... because well, i rule. i work smarter not harder, and in the end i realize, it's a HUGE mistake.

being good at something sucks. it just means that now YOU are the person that has to do it everytime. or YOU are the person who'd gonna get dicked. or YOU are the guy that's gonna get harrassed with mundane questions you don't have time for. and then the minute your over-achiever-ass becomes aware of the plainly retarded world we live in, and take it down a notch, it's either too late and you're stuck, or you just have to abort entirely.

the only time i got to capatalize on being useless was when i worked for my dad. MAN... those were the days. it was in between getting disowned the forst time and getting disowned the second time, before he LOST his company. but it was tight. i'd show up late, hungover, do NOTHING all day except write my friends emails and post dribble in online message boards (a.k.a. looking busy), have my dad buy me lunch at some fancy shmancy restaruant, then take a nap in my truck maybe, and go home early. AWESOME. all while making the most money i had ever made up to that point.

appraisal eventually paid better, but whatever, i actually had to DO stuff for THAT gig.

tonight's my last night in canada. this american, no-- this californian, no wait-- this Los Angelino is on his way home. roll out the red carpet, windex the hollywood sign, and change your bong water... or at least take a shower stink-faces. and this time, i'm coming raise some hell, kick some ass,and take some fucking names. and if i still owe you money, "the checks in the mail." nuff fucking said.

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