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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Monday, May 26, 2003

today i'm reading a book. in pajama style clothes... while it rains.
i just had a donut. it's been the only staple in my diet for years now. the circle of death as a health teacher once called 'em. that guy doesn't know shit.

we watched sex tv last night. it was all about sex and smoking. kinda interesting. kinda boring.

we have all these things we want to do everyday... but without a ride or car it's like, "fuck it till man-yana"

i'm wearing shoes with no socks.

raymi's mum asked me if i'm depressed becuase my hair is greasy. i don't follow the logic in that deduction. but no i'm not. i'm happy to be chillin, farting, and smelling like an ashtray. honestly. the only desire left un-fulfilled is the ability to drive a vehicle all over canada to run pointless errands. cuz we have no wheels. except for bicycle ones.

and the "joke" of having a pervo-moustache is REALLY wearing thin. i wouldah shaved days and days ago 'cept my electric razor has gone AWOL. i think it may have fallen in the trachcan next to the bathroom sink. i hate face hair. they feel like little itchy worms taking over my jaw. i have to scratch my neck constantly. i think i mght just let it get all ned flandersed-out. oka-lee-doka-lee styles.

suck on these nuts

blogs with pics are like totally the kind i return to. even if they're just random pics. having my brain's attention is valueable. so is everyone's. lotsa blogs i just go to for the pics. or i look at the pic, read a sentence or two, get bored/lose intrest.... and move on.

that's why i always put pics of myself up. i figure nobody reads these manifestos of a stoner anyways. i wouldn't read me.

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