Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Friday, May 02, 2003

SARS shmars.

me and nacnud jammed last night, and it was tight.

we're late for everything. EVERYthing. and making friends along the way. i'm developing a canadian accent. but it's nothing to worry aboot, eh? here they don't have circle k, they do have this thing called tim hortons, and i can only use the internet when/if we're somehwere that has it. so like never. and my self-own is roaming harder than the B-52's. cingular wireless must be closing their eyes and making little "cha ching" noises under their breath. it makes me wanna sneak into their kitchen and wipe boogers on all their food, like i used to do as a waiter for the chart house. i still need a LD card for phone calls...

tyranny, fear, the coconuts (one and two), dave1, RN, the forsythe guy, coolhandluke, whitey, nacnud, mum, rock'n'roll kenny, ninjagurllll, ming(or ling), JG, jamie, true, that guy who swore julia roberts was stalking him, wario... shit man the people who have helped in their own (and very appreciated) ways are too many to list. this is only a sampling. so thank you all. the storm isn't over... not QUITE... but has been down graded from hurricane to tropical storm to lite drizzle. clear skies are in our future. promise

now i must call my ex landlord and tell him how to break in to my ex apartment. he's all some surf-lawyer, and is too laid back even for me. can he just TRY to not say "cool, man" every two seconds? he's older than dust for fucks sake. it makes me want to explode

my sister will be married on cinco de mayo. in the vegas. i'd get married on el dia de los muertos... how cum noone here speaks mexican? pinche jotos.

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