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Monday, May 19, 2003

i saw little ass kids cruising around rockin some roman candles. uh.... nice. right. and everyone says "the states" is a violent place (and it is) but those kids were 3rd degree burns waiting to happen. the sun is shining too. so they'll get sunburned at least. pale ass muthafuggahs.

it's some canuckistan holiday. may 2-4. which oddly enough stands for 24-pack. not may the 24th. i love drunks. our neighbor has a hangover from one bottle of bud. she's not a drunk.

people are all outside of their houses throwing frisbees at eachother. or footballs. or roman candles. and cuz the air's all hot and bug filled you need on your darkest pair of locs. i wish i still had my Easy E locs. the shits were so dark you were practically looking thru opauque peices of black plastic. or might as well be.

my sister (G diddy this time, not C. lo) is getting married on the queen mary in the LBC. (wesssighhhhh)

good for my sisters. i hope they don't get dirvorced too soon. that's always annoying. right?

and i shaved my shit into the form of a perv-moustache. it looks like i'm some motorcycle cop, or a greaseball. well i guess i always look like a grease-pile. i wanna grow it all cool and thick and burly like captian morgan. he's my fashion role model... the cap. whatta pimp

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