Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Saturday, May 17, 2003


hi guys. it's raymi. the other anti, you know? this guy is so totally asleep upstairs right now and i am down in the dungeon on the laptop and he is all whiney and crabby and ya ya yay ya, not really. canada is fun, canada is safe, and i get to go to the hospital everyday for free and not have to be ahh-scared of doctors and shit here and bills etc etc. anti is obsessed with reading his own blog. and emails and other things and like all internet tardbags, when there are no emails, it's a personal dis on the world like fuck YOU! EMAIL ME NOW!!!!!!!! we have internet now, so things will be better sooner and stuff. hi mum. you keep reading our blogs, stop it. stop taking it literally and stop fighting with me! im going to have a heart attack.

moist vagina by nirvana is a good song. it's a b song single thing. download it now. he goes, " shrrrreee had a moist vagina." and then he goes, " MARA WAAANANNA over and over and over again and there are all these drums blamming and guitars and bass and ruhhh ruuhhhhh i am typing to the rhythym of this music now sorta, up and down, and you realise what saves your soul, what can heal it all along, is music, even by that of a guy who blew his head off, and why did he do that?

we know why. and we know why other people do it too. and why courtney is all fucked up over it, why she was fucked up before this guy, you know?

no matter where you live, everyone is fucked. ok now its the end part and he's making that sound with his throat where you go uhhhhhhhhhhhh until it doesnt sound like throat sounds anymore, just like this sound. it's a fun sound to make.


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