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Friday, May 16, 2003

cash rules everything around me.

in LA there all these people who want me to work for them, and make lotsa $$$, like the appraiser people, and the sign job people, and all that. i wanna make money too, because i love it (money), and am running out of it more and more. pizza doesn't buy itself. neither do Du Mauriers...(that's the candian equivilent to marb reds)

acadians have the hugest cigarette packs. they're so large marge my pockets are gonna explode. i want to collect all the cool little messages they have on the packs from the picture of the rotten heart to the guy hooked up to an iron lung. classy!

i can't go many places cuz i don't know shit from shinolah aboot where i am. i get lost just trying to get my ass to kinkos. and the places i do know aboot don't take mastercard. i should have gotten hooked up with a cooler bank than Hawtorne Savings... they lured me with their free popcorn. the swine. i keep trying to get a map.... but maps are gay. in LA i have shitloads of maps, and had to study them for appraisal jobs, and lets just say i'm mapped out.

today i'm gonna wear pink pajama pants under my dickies, and shit loads of other layers. acadians are good at being cold.... but i'm not acadian. i'm l-ayme. and hell-A is hot. being hot is my skill... i do it well.

raymi has jail socks. literally

being from ameri-duuuhhhh makes people look at you like they either feel sorry for you or wanna hurt you. they assume too much. i don't like hockey cuz i can't see that tiny ass puck.... not cuz i'm a stooopid ameri-fag. there are just as many fat lazy candians as americans... did i say canadians? i meant acadians. but you gotta give it up for poutine. it should be on their acadian flag instead of that leaf thingy.

and why do so few places sell beer. even the gas stations and "variety" stores don't sell it. they have this thing literally called the beer store. and their hours suck.

i miss tacos. good tacos. REAL tacos.

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