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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

"girls with puma's are the kinds i like, i steal your girlie like i stole you bike" -MCA

now i remember why PUMA is the shit. click the above thumbnails...

all clean. super clean. my hair is my favorite when it's wet. it's all cold, wet, and good. and still smellin like shampoo. i love that.
my room is immaculate too. if you choose to ignore the beear cans and bottles, trash, and laundry strewn everywhere. fuck it's buggin me... wait here while i make it nice

ok done. that was easy. i'm going out of town AGAINNNNNN. this time i wanna come home to a clean pad. grrr!

that's me in my bed/closet. people are always trippen out thinking it's a one bedroom. how can they be SO STUPID?...

i'm going to ikea tonight. i need better pillows. my neck feels like is has rusty bolts holding the head on. tankinator is driving... and i'm gonna eat her cookies

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