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Tuesday, February 04, 2003


SOOOO PISSED. within a few pushes down rosecrans avenue on my board, i hit a fucking rock or some shit, and my combo #5 and large horchata go splat on the pavement, and my knees get all scratched up in the process.
fuck fuck fuck fuck.

"why don't you all fucking take a picture? it'll last longer. fuck you!"

so i scoop up what i can, slam it into the trash can on the sidewalk, and try to wipe off the refried beans on my arm by smearing it on the wall.

i would have gone back in and had those bastards make me a new #5, but i was just too friggin angry.. i would've flipped out and done some wierd shit for sure.

why'd the gods hate on me? i was on my best behaviour all day dammit! this'll teach me to eat food that isn't delivered.

i tried to find a pissed off picture of myself.
this one will have to do.

oh and read about the partying me and brian did saturday. you'll be jealous.

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