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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

i get so mad when i black out. i think back to my weekend and can only remember the first parts of them. like i do NOT remember taking a taxi home from las palmas... but my friends swore they couldn't find me, and i got home SOMEhow....
and i woke up the next day with a million missed calls on my cell phone. and all these voicemails like, "anti... where the fuck are you? we're all outside waiting..." and then they started sounding like, "anti, we're at the pad... bring chicks if you're with any..."

the party in thousand oaks was tight because they had strippers and a drug pinata, and for some wierd reason noone wanted the coke. they only wanted the weed. i'm up scraping the last of those baggies right now. damn coke to hell. but we only stayed there like an hour....

i'd totally sell coke, but i don't trust myself. the old rule of, "don't get high on your own supply" never works out quite like i want it too. i need a break from it. a cocaine vacation. a coke-vation. at least 2 weeks off....

raymi just sent me a text message saying she fell asleep on the floor whilst watching gladiator. i don't blame her. i hated that movie.

right now i have a huge fucking head ache from forgetting to eat all day. at about midnight i rode over to the taco stand.... but it's too late... my head is pounding so hard i think my eyeballs might pop out of my skull. why don't i ever have normal ppl drugs like an aspirin? shit... i'd settle for a cough drop at this point.

i think i'm gonna go jerk off in the shower...

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