Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Sunday, February 09, 2003

great, now i have something else to ditract me, and keep me from working.

fuck you new toy from hell. i hate you.

and here's some more drama for your mama:
whitey paid for all of our taxi home from hollywood the night what's-his-name got his DUI, and we stopped for beer on the way so the grand total was like $65.00 for the cab, plus whatever the beer cost. but it was all good, because whitey had found a hundred dollar bill earlier at city walk.

the comedy part of it is that it turns out it was what's-his-name's hundred bucks that whitey had found... but i think it's only fair that what's-his-name paid our cab fare. it was his fault we were stranded, his fault he lost his money, his fault he got arrested, ect....

sure sucks to be what's-his-name.

tonight i'm bored, unmotivated, and obbsessed with getting the endless ammounts of eye-snot out of my eyes. lovely, huh?

and i'm over the britta. i've cooked up enough water in that slow-as-fuck thing to realize that i'm all about the instant gratification that tap water gives me. who cares if your water tastes like someone dropped a penny in it?

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