Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Monday, February 24, 2003

during the daylight i'm working, in the night time i'm getting loco. this is what makes working on the weekends hard. sleep just moves wayyyy down the list of priorities. right now it's a battle between me and my eyelids, Anti=2/Sleep=0. oh yeah dood, i'm winning!!! i never cared much for sleep anyways. i always do it wrong, and hurt my poor back. sleep is a waste of time. you're just lieing there in the dark with your eyes closed. and the fucked part about sleep... is that when you're sleeping, you don't wanna get up ever. whoever invented the snooze button on alarm clocks is, at the same time, a genius and satan's reincarnate. it's like so tight because you KNOW all you REALLY want is ten more minutes (that's the genius part), but then when that ten minutes is up....
"ten MORE minutes won't hurt." (enter Satan)
i'm a snooze button junkie, and i want to go to Snooze Button Anonymous. i'll usually lie there and try and figure out how much time i'll need to get ready for whereever it i'm off too. it's proved to be a complete disaster time and time again. i want all my friends to have an intervention thingy for me.

i'm such a fuckin loser optomist that my piece of shit cup is overflowing.
...with shitty optomism.
so fuck off and die.

i guess either i have developed some Hyper-Sensitivity super power of sorts OR my feet are starting to smell like rotten carcasses.

and although i don't plan on, correction: never will have any kids (i hate stupid fuckin ass kids), i would totally let them say fuck, bitch, shit, cunt... whatEVER. i'd be proud if my son's first word was, "bitch", i mean we all end up saying all that GOSH-DARN-Stuff anyways.
i know this one lady through work that won't ever "cussss" because those are "badddd werdssss", and everyone thinks she looks like a psychopath saying shit like, "dang it! that guy who just called was a Meanie!!" all the time, when any Normal person would have said, "fuck you fucking fuckface motherFUCKER"

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