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Sunday, January 05, 2003

sometimes i don't pay attention to the simple pleasures in life, and it makes me sad.

a buetiful girl pressing the crosswalk button, the perfect song, a random cameo by a "long time no see" friend...

sometimes i feel like i get too city-slickered out that i just zoom past the important shit. i mean look, i ignore my family copletely, i'm rude to my friends, i push my luck at work... and well, i wanna knock all that shit off.

i need to get my act together. i feel like i just got all these loose ends hanging around and it's starting to bug the shit out of me. and what do i do? i get high. stupid me. like, "wuuu hoooo, problem solved" ...not.

should i be proud that i'm not like my loser friends and i don't live at home with mommy, i have a good job (success w/out college, what'cha got to say now?), i pay my own way, and i'm not all bad with girls (at least not 100% bad) ??

no i shouldn't. why should i feel good about doing the things i should be doing automatically. comparing myself to mama's boys does me no good. and know what? fuck if i know how i'm not more obnoxious than i already am... maybe it was me being forcesd to have a job no matter what since i was 13.

but it's not my folks, it's me. i'm the one. i'm why i don't suck, don't starve, and make good money. because i'm smart charming adaptable and good looking. (scuze me while i toot my own horn, "toot toot")

and it's about time i realize all this shit and walk with a little more confidence in my step, sideways down the street, with a hunny on my arm, and mashing out more often like i should.

and then... totally unrelated... but bear with me: the best quote from scarface is, "this city is just one big pussy, waiting to get fucked..."

i feel the same way
i have pics to post tinight/morning too... but village photos is being lame right now. too bad for you

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