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Sunday, January 12, 2003

so my genius has lead me to a great idea. store my clothing in the kitchen!! it's not like those kitchen cupboards have anything in there. i mean, i have like two cups, maybe three cereal bowls (all dirty, BTW) and some plastic forks and knives. and i have NO food.

so really i could keep clothes in the fridge too... maybe i'll put my boxers in there. i would keep my clothes in my closet, but that's where my bed goes. it's all really very confusing. small apartments suck

and okay fine i'll fuckin admit it. it wasn't my idea. it was mutzers.

tonight i'm going to hollywierd to visit the viking, and right now i'm going to buy my house a plant at home depot. i want a plant that can survive on no water and rare traces of light. hmmmmm.... is there such a plant?

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