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Wednesday, January 01, 2003

meet gigsnew years warm up
maybe there is such thing as "too rowdy". my skull still feels sore from that last head butting i recieved, when i opened my crusty ass eyes today.... my mouth and throat felt fuzzy enough to need a shave, and my shoulder still feels sorta fucked up. and shit... i don't even have half the bruises than bitchslapper got...

the general consensus is "ouch".

so my new years resolution is to clear all the bullshit off the ground so i can see my carpeting again. OR to buy a bigger dirty clothes hamper. whatever'll fucking work. oh, and to waste less money.

man i hope that one dude grabbed my credit card for me...
fuck "too rowdy" i hate it
MORE new years warm upthat's the view from my driveway

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