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Friday, January 31, 2003

i swear it. traffic hates my guts.

it's like, "oh you are late? tough shit asshole" and then proceeds to turn all lights red, and flood the 405 with tacky-cell-phone talkers driving all up in my way.

OR my favorite... there's the hottie in the red veedub micorbus that you got to roll down her window and smile at that red light, but traffic says, "oh yeah? you think she's cute?" and somehow shoves all these turning-right people in her lane in front of her... so i gotta try and drive all slow to let her catchup, but it's too late. traffic wins. i lose.

it has other annoying games it plays with me too, like... Whatever lane i change into turns into brake-light-city immediately, or wich ever car i get behind slows down at least 10 MPH. listen people, if you're not tailgating the person in front of you. you're driving too goddam slow!

last night on my journey home from the martini bar in beverly hills, i realized, i hate martini's. and more importantly... i really hate olives. another thing, who is the genius that thought, "let's give drunk people drinks in glasses that are impossible NOT to spill !" ? i should have told goldstien to meet me there, cuz me and these chicks i only met from some superbowl thing, had a great time, although his ass is kinda broke.

and yesterday... jamie and i were tripping out on this shit. it's like internet crack, and you'll be hooked.

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