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Saturday, January 11, 2003

house parties kinda suck because i never trust anyone. i have to haul around my 12 pack with me wherever i walk to so it doesn't get looted, and at the same time be hiding other peoples' drinks/beers behind couches, and in random places, so i can come back later and consume them myself. and there's the issue of cigarettes. never bring a full pack to a party. just bum 'em off the suckers. it works best when you don't bum smokes off the same person twice in a row. oh and people who say they only have one or two left are LIARS. stalk them until you bust them for lieing, and get your over-due cigarette. and don't forget to tell her, "thanks, bro..."

and i just bought a new cell phone but my fingers are too big to push those tiny assed buttons. dammit!

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