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Monday, January 20, 2003

buy your OWN damn tampons

mel and erinmel and erin
motherfuckers are so nice. i get a call from work today, so i say, "yeah, uh... soo sorry for sleeping in... i'll be there after lunch..." and they're all, "we're leaving".

that always happens to me DAMMIT. i stay up till three in the morn, typing my little heart out, all for waste. like when i was in highschool, and it was one of those we-start-an-hour-later-days...
nobody told my ass!

fuckit. the sun is shining, all my neighbors are hottie-mommies, and i'm gonna skate over to mondo's house to have some drinks. life ain't so bad afterall


that was too far to skate. my ears burn, and my side hurts.

mommy was fineso i helped some kids with their bike upstairs,
to try and flirt with the mommy

walking is dumbi found another kinda rage, like road rage... beach-rage. fuck people.

i can't breathe. i need a cigarette.

guess she doesn't know sign language...

that's my homie

that's my shoe. bored yet?

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