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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Tuesday, December 31, 2002

totally. i have this to-do list in my head, and nothing ever gets crossed off of it, my laundry has been piled there for a month and a half. a little ironing, some deodorant spray, and POOF!! good as new. besides boxers and socks are cheap enough that you should just always buy new ones anyways.

it's like i'm only able to do non productive things like order pizzas, drink booze, smoke cigarettes, and be stoned. usually just staring into space, i like to call it "deep in thought" but's that just to save some face.

other times i'm like super-ninja-hero-errand-boy, and i get everything done, even my car washed, and my hair combed. how's i do that?

damn my eyes are itchy...

oh and this one guy totally had a hissy fit like a little baby girl because supposedly me and whitey where, and i quote "talking about disgusting shit since the time you guys got here an i'm trying to eat my dinner"... whitey and i left about 10 seconds after that, and laughed our asses off, because we were talking about SUCH mild shit that i'm embarassed to say what is was. alright fine i'll tell you. i just said that i was stoked that i didn't bleed from my private parts once a month, and that reminded whitey about a catheter that got ripped out cuz of some nurse that tripped over some cord. (i know, i know... i don't buy whitey's story either) but i mean, c'mon.

whitey and i hated that guy already. but now we hate him extra

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